Why Is This Runner All Fired-Up?


Why is this runner all fired-up?

Well, the Holidays is something to look forward to. Friends and family get together are plenty. There’s plenty of food, food and food.

I love to eat. Not really worried about gaining a few pounds this time of the year.

As a runner. All I have to do is increase my mileage and do a little extra workout…

It always works for me.

Plus, I get to work my wood fired oven. You see, I built a brick oven years back and it still provides us good food specially this time. Guests actually expects pizza and other favorites to get cooked in this oven. Roast turkey and BBQ ribs has made it in this oven.

I remember filling the oven with 24 loaf pan and baking banana bread in one firing. This was a perfect specialty Christmas gift for that year. It was a hit. Everybody wants one.

Now you know why is this runner all fired-up!

I’d like to share the short video above. We did pizza and focaccia. The very next day we have Korean BBQ and corn in the wood-fired oven done.

Next year when someone ask “why is this runner all fired up?”, you know it’s the food, food and food.

What does these all mean or have to do with running?

It’s all about MOTIVATION. If you love what you do;

  • A lot of good things can happen. You do and achieve more
  • Time goes fast when your having fun
  • You enjoy every moment or activity and things are (more often than not) done right
  • Challenges are overcome, solutions seems to be readily available
  • You feel good about what you do, and the results are in your favor
  • and a lot more…

There you go. Love what you do.

If it is running, keep on lacing up and find your motivation and keep doing it. Associate with like minded people. These can be your friends, family members or in these day and age you can go online and join running social clubs…

I hang around positive and highly motivated runners at Dailymile.

Cooking or baking may not be your cup of tea but for me at least this time of the year… why is this runner all fired-up? Its the FOOD…

The best of the New Year to all.



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