Who Else Wants A Brief and Informal Twitter Etiquette Guide?

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I’ve joined twitter about 3 months ago (maybe less) and still learning new stuff in this social media. As a newbie I’m always looking for ways how to participate more in a positive manner. That’s is why I do like to observe and study how people do it. Chris Brogan is one of the many people I keep track of.  He’s got excellent insights and is worth reading. Here’s one that fits the bill;

A Brief and Informal Twitter Etiquette Guide? by Chris Brogan

I love Twitter. I think the service is a wonderful tool that permits a whole new way of communicating. The thing is, it’s also a place where newcomers might often make some mistakes in their choices that will likely be taken in a negative manner, and will likely result in an unfollow or a block from other Twitter users. The idea to write a brief and informal twitter etiquette guide came from my new friend Zaven, who asked whether, in some cases, people might just be behaving in a social structure that makes sense to their culture, but not mine. He might be right. With that as a motivator, here are some guidelines for Twitter to consider. NOTE: these come with the You’re Doing It Wrong seal of “don’t take anyone’s word for law, least of all Chris Brogan’s.”

Maybe, as this is fleshed out, you’ll have some ideas to add or subtract to the guide, and we can update… READ FULL ARTICLE

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