What’s Your Daily Miles For?

I happened to be reading Ms. Julie Alexanders book, “Make Your Life Count” and on page  85 she made mention of a guy by the name of Walt  Byerly:

About 27 years ago, Walt was feeling out of shape. He knew he needed more exercise, so he decided to take up jogging. At first, it was a struggle. He had to work long and hard to be able to jog nonstop for one mile…

On Nov 5, 1974 Walt asked himself a question. “I wonder if I could jog 2 miles a day for 365 days without missing a single day?’  He made a commitment to do it, and he did.

Nov 5, 1999 Walt Byerly celebrated and anniversary. On that day, he jogged at least two miles a day for twenty- five consecutive years! And he’s still going.”

That’s some achievement. That is COMMITMENT at it’s best.

What drives an individual like Walt to do that? Lets find out;

Like all of us, Walt’s had his share of challenges, and he’s used his jogging time to THINK, to PLAN, and to PRAY. But most of his prayers are for the needs of others. Everyday he prays for more than two hundred people that he has on his prayer list that he keeps in his head and his heart. Walt says that praying for others has been one of the most exciting things he’s ever done”

What’s your daily miles for? What has being committed done for you? For Walt;

Commitment to his prayer list has brought him closer to God but also closer to people on his list. Commitment to his fitness routine  has given him amazing stamina, good health and energy. And his streak of consecutive days jogging gives him a great sense of accomplishment. His good health allows him to work hard all day and function for six hours or six-and-a-half hours of sleep. He’s optimistic and excited about life.”

Here’s Walt Byerly’s record in comparison to others;

There’s thousands of reasons why people run.  Everyday runners from all walks of life lace-up and just do it…

I love Ms. Alexander’s closing on each chapter of her book. She always say, “Make Life Count!”

Allow me put a twist on it in closing. How about, “Make Your Run Life Count One Mile At A Time”.

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  1. james says:

    nice closing statement! now, im thinking of a way to make my runs count…. hmmm?

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