What Does Laughing and Running Have In Common?


What Does Laughing and Running Have in Common?

What Does Laughing and Running Have in Common?

If you’ve heard the word endorphins before, then that is what running and laughing have in common.

Endorphins are a group of chemicals that reduces pain, contribute to a healthy sleep, improve the quality of moods, and heal the body.

I was reading reading a book that talks about how humor has the health-promoting power to create wellness in your life. When you laugh or have a lightened-up mood, the human body releases endorphins into your system.

I guess that one reason why they say “Laughter is the best medicine”.

Can we say the same thing in running? Most people will say yes.

Many cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming and cycling stimulate the release of endorphins – which enables a person experience euphoric feeling.

To a runner, the release of endorphins helps blocks pain and due to this estrenuous exercise he or she is energized during and after. The amount of endorphins is dependent on the physicl fitness of the runner.

I have got to believe this is where “runners high” came about?

So when they ask, what does laughing and running have in common, you do know the answer…

That said, maybe it’s time we do more laughing and running and may even do it at the same time.

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