What Does Eating Chinese Food and Running Have In Common?

I was at 3.4 mile mark into my early evening run and headwind was on me.  And then there’s this smell of Chinese food in the air. Someone is cooking noodles in the neighborhood. I’m getting hungry.

I got home with noodles in mind and have this idea about food and running that maybe worth (blogging) asking…

What does eating Chinese food and running have in common?

If you love Chinese food, you savor the distinct aroma and taste and eat it with a chopstick, a modified chopstick or to eat faster you may use the old reliable fork (if you have a hard time using the first two – just like me).

If you love running, you’ll find ways how to squeeze in a few miles out, whether you’re busy or not. You may have a few nagging injuries but real runners are stubborn and always find a way to lace up for a short (or a long) run consistently.

On both occasions, there is always a choice. Eating or running you can do it anyway you want, enjoy and have fun.

That reminds me of my medical condition. ‘Got a bit of an issue with my right knee but you’ll find me on the blacktop or the concrete pavement from time to time.

Here’s the challenge; according to my doctor I may need to stop running! Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right when I heard it the first time. He even said, “you’re not as young as you use to and the mileage you put on needs to be drastically reduced”…ouch!

I use to log about 20-25 miles a week. He’s suggesting 20 miles or less a month, or switch to walking, swimming and cross training and even yoga…

“You have a choice” he said, “either you continue on and aggravate your knee and shut your running forever  or keep it to a manageable  level and enjoy running for an extended time”.

For sure it made me think and reassess my options.

I still have a choice. Or, eat more Chinese noodles and run less.

Seriously though, keeping the knee healthy and strong and enjoying a few runs here and there makes more sense. It’s just a matter of getting used to it.

Anyway, enjoy your runs while you can and the rest of the summer…

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  1. ouch! second opinion on the knee sir? now im hungry, instant chinese food here…

  2. 5kgeek says:

    thanks for checking in. regards.