What Can Runners Learn From Roosters?

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What can runners learn from roosters? The quick answer is NONE.

However, if anyone were to realize what a rooster does What Can A Runner Leran fro A Rooster?daily, there maybe something that will surprise many runners, myself included.

I was coming home one morning and there it was, a rooster right in my front gate. He’s just standing and not even intimidated by my presence at all. Usually, chicken will run or move away in a hurry…this little thing  does not budge!

I have seen this bird from one of my running routes in the neighborhood. I’ve heard him crow many times and jump from where he and the hen stays at night ( I would assume) and start the day, as I pass by.

So what can runners learn from roosters?

I’d like to say – consistency. This bird starts the day early and for some reason it crows almost at the same time early in the morning. It seems like it has a built in alarm that sounds of when it’s due, rain or shine! This is a routine for roosters. It’ll crow and make the sound. It’s like doing an exercise of the lungs. Plus, if you’ve seen them do it you’ll notice they do flap there wings a few times (looks like a warm-up)…

Now, if you’re a runner and trying to reach a certain goal or finish time for a 5k, a 10k or even a marathon, training daily and consistently – will prove to be a great asset. And yes, even when the running conditions are not that great outside. Consistency and perseverance are important.

So the question, “What can runners learn from roosters?” can be answered with consistency. Lets put it in it’s simplest perspective like;

  • taking your vitamins daily
  • warm up and cool down before any run or exercise activity
  • eat or drink recovery nutrition
  • be safe while out and about
  • and more…

There’s always something to discover during a runners daily run. The views, the sounds, the smell and things on the way provide opportunities for motivation to keep (me) going.

Plus, I just love seeing nature and farm animals around specially at break of dawn or early morning, in the big city.

Who would have thought this runner actually learned something from a lose rooster from the neighborhood?

What can runners learn from roosters…besides consistency?

Maybe it’s time to have a harder look at this bird (or others) next time you lace up and put on some miles.

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