VideoRemix:Last Minute Marathon Tips

Here’s another Video Runflix at 5kgeek(dot)com’s Runners Fuel Station.

Tapering off prior to a marathon at times is not easy.

I can only speak for myself but since there were no more long miles and the workout are now days apart,  I don’t really have much to do on rest or free days.

I find myself online a lot and just looking for ways how or what else I can do before the big race.

Then, I found this video by Mike Koval titled, “Last Minute Marathon Tips”.

I’ve watch it many times and followed some tips and it worked – big time for me!

Now, just for fun and since I’m recovering from a knee injury (‘got plenty of time) I did a video remix with my dog. “Hope you like the video, watch it here…

Thanks and now comment on the video.

Original concept by Toby Tanser.
Music on this remix by Loopey Lou and the Lunatics. You can find him at

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