Travel Runs: San Diego Tower Challenge

Here’s another Video Runflix at 5kgeek(dot)com’s Runners Fuel Station.

I can see a communications tower on the northwestern side from my room.

It was a huge tower and up high in the mountains.  So I set on an early morning run the next day and this structure is the target. I see some access road so I’m up for the challenge. And, it was.

I have to walk on a number of occasions due to steep grades and manage to get up near the tower using side benches carved by fellow runners and hikers. Once on top, the view was amazing. The sight of the Pacific Ocean on an early morning haze and the city of Carlsbad was a beautiful sight. Down below are huge houses and not too far out was the Palomar Airport.

On the way down I met a few hikers starting their ascent. Closer to the houses were walkers and joggers with their dogs.

I got home base to a smell of freshly brewed coffee and waffles and laughter from friends who happened to be celebrating a high school reunion (these gals haven’t seen each other for 32 years).  So while they’re catching on their chit-chats I was busy logging in a few miles on dirt mountain roads and black tops prior to the days event.

Tower Challenge: San Diego on PhotoPeach

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