The Best Alarm Clock In The World

Staying motivated to push on any physical activity is a challenge to most people, myself included.

Planning and starting one is a lot easier than keeping it going. A few bumps on the road and the word “Quit” comes into play and put a damper on everything.

Motivation comes in many different forms. It can be a personal goal, a person you love, a charity cause, or to bring awareness to a special issue…

I was on DailyMiles (a sports social network) one morning and I saw this feed from a friend.

This I have to share with you. It’s very heart warming. BTW, it’s truly the best alarm clock in the world:

We slept in this morning, but my 6 year old, Lily, came in and whispered, “Hey, Dad! You know what I’d really like to do this morning? Go for a run with you!” The two of us headed out about 15 minutes later after my cup of coffee.We saw a baby bunny on our run that actually almost came up to us.

We were about 1 foot away. She LOVED that. Read the Full Story here.

Now, I also have this lovely picture. See how the little girl in pink is using a valuable asset (she’ pulling dad’s shirt) to get to the finish. I’m sure Marvin (DM friend abroad) don’t mind. In fact I have to believe he’s using this as a motivator for other reasons as well. Good job dad. Great picture.

(Thanks for the picture Marvin. His business is abroad, check his site here)

Here’s a kicker video, watch it and comment will you please? Thanks.
I don’t know what motivates you to do (running) something. Do You Have The Best Alarm Clock In The World?

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