300 Decisions A Day

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Did you know that we make at least 300 decisions a day? That’s right, every single one of us will make small and big decisions daily. The challenge was, we can’t tell the magnitude of such decisions at the time. We will make these 300 decisions whether you and I realizes it or not. Your health, career, […]


5 Motivation Techniques for Runners

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Do you have some favorite motivation techniques for runners? Motivation is something that all runners, newbies and veterans alike, need at times. Most runners, myself included, sometimes struggle to get motivated, much less, stay motivated. Life is full of challenges, setbacks and disappointments. These are things runners and non-runners have to deal with. And by […]


Elevator Health Warning


I was in an educational tour this past week and saw an elevator health warning of some sort. I did not see it on the way up but rather on the way down from using the stairs. I took a picture of course and this will serve as a reminder whenever I see an elevator […]