Steps To Dedication By The Miles

I was headed home after doing 10K Run for Cancer Support Center in Balboa Park. It was a beautiful Sunday morning – perfect for running. Amazingly, the race organizers did an excellent job for a very huge crowd for  5-10 and 15k events.

On the way home a billboard reads, “…his dad’s been with him every step for 65 marathons” and at the bottom reads, “DEDICATION”. Very powerful massage.

Now you may be familiar with TEAM HOYT, especially if you’re a running enthusiast. The billboard shows dad and son team on the run…

Back to the 10K race about an hour ago, I just crossed the finish line with an unofficial time of 53:34.  I had a great time running it. I did it in remembrance of and aunt and mother-in-law who passed away due to cancer. An  uncle just finished a successful surgery to prostate and other relatives past and present who in some way was challenged by this disease and are continuing the fight.

What struck me the most at the race, was a group of young gentlemen crossing the finish line with a buddy of theirs on a wheel chair. You can see the emotions build up a few steps to the finish. Happy bunch, all of which were having a good time. A great time! I’m happy for them.

Don’t know  if it was their first race together and how many more finish lines they’re going to cross. One thing for sure they did it all together. It all started with a single step and one more after another…and just like the billboard – I know with some degree of DEDICATION.

Happy running everyone and have a great day!

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