Running Tips for Beginners: No Spicy Food Before A Run

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Eating spicy foods before running and the night before your long runs is a strict no-no.

Pretty basic right? But beginning runners are so concerned about how they’re going to do a mile or two and forget about preparing for the run in general.

Yes, runners get their gears and all the good stuff but no prep on nutrition before during and/or after the run, let alone eating the right food the night before the run…

I have an article I’d like to share with you specially if you are just starting.

…running is an easy, low maintenance sport that requires very little in the way of equipment. However, it can turn out to be a very boring and painful experience for the beginners. The prime reason for such a negative reaction is ignorance of some basic important information. The most basic fact is to develop a healthy routine that will not only take care of your body and create an enjoyable running experience. In the following lines, we have provided running tips for beginners… READ FULL ARTICLE

OK, I love spicy food. Many times on nights before long runs I’ve tried to cheat by eating just a little bit hoping that it won’t affect my running at all.

Well, I’ve lost most of the time and have to cut short my running drastically just to get home in a hurry to…you know what. How about if you’re way far out from home base early in the morning?

I’ve learned my lesson long time ago and so there is NO more Spicy Food for me the night before a long run.




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