Soda Soft Drink Does Not Hydrate Your Body

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Soda Does Not Hydrate Your BodyAttention: Soda Soft drinks Does Not Hydrate Your Body

This I have to share with you…

I like my soda and I hated the this article when I read it the first time…

If you look at any soda label you will note many have phosphoric acid at approximately, 2.8 pH (very acidic) a soda triggers a massive emergency calcium (alkaline) flush to balance the acid. The body is safe at 7.3 pH to 7.4 pH, which means you are putting something into your body that is hundred of thousands of times more acidic that your body is! Diseases flourish in an acidic environment. Soft Drinks and other acidic food deposit acid waste in the body which accumulates over time in the joints and around the organs. For example, the Body pH of cancer or arthritis patients are always low. The sicker the person, the lower the Body pH. Don’t ever use Soft Drink when you are sick with a cold, flu or something worse. It will only make it that much harder for your body to fight the illness. READ Full article here

Now I read this article after listening to a nurse practitioner talk about drinking your soda, coffee or tea one hour before and after any meal NOT with your meal. Her main reasoning was, “soda destroys the vitamins and minerals it contains”

Is it a coincidence, maybe? You be the judge.

Once in a while I drink soda but not as much like I used to. I try to stay away from this drink specially when training for marathons. I switch to other recovery drinks to optimum performance.

Soda soft drink does not hydrate your body and it destroys the vitamins and minerals as well?

‘Something to think about.

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