Slow Down:Bunny Rabbit(s) Crossing

5kGeek Trail Run Santa Monica MtnAfter the  Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz game I have the rest of the afternoon to complete my 25 mile week goal. There’s plenty of time and I laced up my running shoes and did the new found trail route. Thirteen (13) miles is all I need so it should be an easy run.

I did 4 miles on the streets and the rest  was on a beautiful trail in the west Santa Monica Mountains.

The hills were a challenge but manageable. Dirt road is always a fun run for me.

Saw a family of four walking and a few mountain bikers speeding downhill.

No horses this time around and no dogs even. I’m  guessing it’s because it is mid afternoon. These pets were taking naps (or maybe the owners were).

There was a young couple asking where the trail would end…interesting! This  was like 3 miles from the nearest road.

Bugs Bunny CrossingHowever, the highlight of the run wasn’t my  slow 10:35 pace but a group of rabbits just taking it easy on the side of the trail.

I was able to take a quick snapshot on one of them.

A few seconds later there were more. Must have been a rabbit habitat of some sort. They are beautiful.

How about mountain lions? I ran some routes years back and runners are warned of these wild animals in areas like these.

Signs are visible all over the place…not on this trail though.

By the way I have captured the route on my Garmin Forerunner305 watch.

You can see it here. Cool gadget with a heart rate monitor. I love it.

Anyway, it’s beautiful in the mountains. The trail is in good shape to my opinion.

Pay attention on the run, you just don’t know what’s on the road up or down ahead. For me I have to slow down a bit because I have bunny rabbit(s) crossing a few steps down.

3 responses to “Slow Down:Bunny Rabbit(s) Crossing”

  1. jetpaiso says:

    i also love the gf305!

    nice trail run! hope we also have cool trails here.

  2. its cool to run with some rabbits.. i wish thats also the picture here in pinas. i remembered the tale of the rabbit and the turtle..haha

  3. MarkSpizer says:

    great post as usual!

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