Simple Marathon Tip To Finish Faster


marathon tip to finish fasterOne simple marathon tip to finish faster involves not speed at all.

You maybe wondering what it is. Well, this is about how you run the course. It’s about efficiency and positioning yourself on the correct side of the street. I mean that literally…

The marathon course or route involves a lot of left and right turns. A 26 mile run probably takes hundred of these if not more.

If you will run a tight turn or curve you probably save a few steps which equals to a few seconds saved. Multiply that a hundred times and you are headed to the finish line faster.

If you do run further away from the corner that equates to some extra distance traveled and will directly affect race and finish time.

That’s the same reason track runners have lane assignments specially on short distance runs. Marathon running don’t do that, you just run it!

So run it smart and efficiently and save a few steps at the turns. A simple multiplication may mean a 3-5 or even more minutes taken off your personal best. That’s a good thing right?

Anyway, I suggest you train that way to get use to it!

This technique has helped me achieved a personal best while running the Los Angeles marathon…and yes this simple marathon tip to finish faster works every time.

Time for you to try…

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