Say Hi Or Hello While You Run

I was out running about 6:30 this morning. Always using some pointers from a book I was reading lately and to say the least, it works all the time.

Have you ever tried running and talking at the same time? I mean really talking and making sense…

The first time my running buddies brought me out, I can’t even say a word clearly. My breathing was heavy, I tried talking and it wasn’t easy.

Later on, I got better and the conversations became a great help. Miles traveled are longer and you don’t even notice the distance. The work out is now enjoyable and the benefits – priceless. It’s fun!

Now, if you’re running by yourself, it becomes a challenge.

No one to talk to – try talking to yourself. Listen to an mp3 or an old cd.

OR, say as many hi’s and hellos to everyone on your route. I does not matter if you get a response. The thing is, if you uplift others by this simple act you uplift yourself in the process. Try it…

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