Saturday 5k Runs Are Marathon Success Indicators

Part of my marathon training includes a few Saturday 5k runs.

The main reason is to get a feel of how fast I can sustain a target running pace on a short distance. This will serve as a good measure and/or benchmark on how to train, continue to train and finally run the marathon later on. Plus, it is always good to know how I stack up against others in my age group.

With adrenaline going on race day, it’s a challenge running on pace. There’s something about the crowd and the ambiance that gets you excited unconsciously. It’s very easy to get out of pace and most often than not when this happens a runner gets out of sync and fatigue sets in quick…a situation you don’t want to be, specially in long distance running.

Saturday 5k Runs Are Marathon Success Indicators

I do long runs on weekends and on this particular Saturday morning I happen to pass by a starting area of a 5k run about to begin in Balboa park.

My curiosity kicked-in and wondered how I’ll do after a few months of not much running due to knee injury. So I decided to run the course and to my surprise I felt good and happy with my pace. I love it.

There’s no marathon training on my schedule to date but this Saturday’s 5k run got going once again. I know where I’m at in my recovery and I can’t complain about my pace either.


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