Running With The Dog

running with the dogHave you done running with the dog lately?

NO, not me. I do have a dog but she doesn’t do (long) runs. I can get her to walk and do short runs but not those long runs ever…

I envy those runners with their dogs running side by side at full stride.

To me that’s a thing of beauty. I see this all the time when doing my five mile loop in the park. What’s even better is those group runs where there’s a pack.

One morning, I happen to see a relatively big dog and 3 little ones just having fun doing their thing on the run..

Running With The Dog – Is All Good

Good for the dog and for sure it’s a good workout for the runner. And for a person who loves dog, it’s makes my runs a little bit more interesting just looking at both the runner and the “man’s best friend”

I love dogs and would love running with the dog(s). Hopefully I can get my running dog buddy in the future.

Running with the dog is all good, By the way what is a good running dog?


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