Running Tip:Treat Yourself Before A Run

5kgeek can really eat.

5kgeek Can Eat

Keeping oneself motivated in doing something (like running) sometimes requires thinking outside the box.

Have you tried something for the appetite? Yes, if you’re into food how about something simple like a cup cake?…

I know someone who indulges on fine wine after a long run. What about you?

Today we celebrated “Happy Mothers Day” with a potluck at home.  I have to control myself because I know there’s an eleven mile run scheduled for today (to hit my weekly 25M goal). There’s plenty of food to choose from and desserts on the side. hmmm.

I don’t know about you but, cupcakes is one that gets me…

So what do i do? Eat a few and reserve some for later.

Got to run. Happy Mothers Day!

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