Running Journal Helps Improve Training

“What You Don’t Measure You Can’t Improve”? I hear this a lot in the board rooms and production meetings.

Guess what – it applies to running specially when training.

A running journal is one tool that comes to the forefront when training is being talked about.

The most effective way to know how you are progressing with your training is by maintaining your own running journal. It will take into account all the details of your running training, your previous runs against the current runs; and as a result you will have an idea of where you started, how you are improving as well as what else you can do to improve your results and reach your goals.

Training Journal – The Basics

Your journal doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. You can simply jot down notes about your daily runs.

Tracking your development as well as your past errors will teach you how to move on to the next level and help you achieve new milestones. Creating a personal tracker or journal about your training doesn’t have to be very complicated or elaborately written. You can simply jot down notes or bullet points about the distance you have traveled as well as the time that you have achieved while running every day of your training program.

If you want your journal to have a more personal touch, then make it more detailed adding on other stories about your training. You could describe the exact time and distances that you ran each day with the route or itinerary that you ran. You can also match them with your emotions for the time being that you were running.

Training Journal – A Personal Choice

Keeping a personal journal of all your runs is a great thing to do. You can include some of your thoughts at that time that you were running or the way you felt at that moment, so you could identify which factors greatly helped you improve a particular run, or which ones dramatically pulled your performance down. Make it as simple as possible and make it a habit

After you have been keeping your journal for a while you will be able to compare previous runs to present runs so that you can see where you need to improve.





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