Running Can Lower Sex Drive


Running Can Lower Sex Drive“Whether or not running can lower sex drive, some argue that sex can actually improve running. Thirty-five national-caliber age-group runners from San Diego were recently asked whether they would have sex the night before a race: 70 percent said they would”. Read Full Article

Now, what do you think about that?

Running Can Lower Sex Drive – Their Opinion

In part, I agree with the authors comment that;

“…sex did go down as the miles increased, but it was due less to a lack of desire than to fatigue. One happily married couple I know got around the problem by just putting the wife on top. But others said that when mileage reached 110 or 115 miles a week they were just too tired to do anything else. As my friend Jeff put it, “I’m a garden hose for six or seven hours after a 20-miler.” Others were so used to high mileage that their desire adjusted. My coach, Kevin McCarey, ran for Athletics West from 1978-82. While he typically ran 125 miles a week during his time in Eugene, it never affected his performance or desire. “When you’re 25 years old nothing can stop you,” he recalls. “Everyone was so physical. Sex was part of being a runner.”

Running Can Lower Sex Drive – My Opinion

From my unscientific study, I have found that when training for marathon specially when the mileage really get to pile up big, the body will make adjustment and the desire is still there if not stronger. Actually, it relaxes me more and recovery is much faster after the sweetest thing. I don’t believe that running can lower sex drive at all. It actually raises it up a notch in my opinion.

Make sure it’s still done in moderation. To me that makes a big difference.

Running Can Lower Sex Drive – What’s Your Take On This?


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