Running and Backpain: Is It Your Posture?

Running and Back Pain: Is It Your Posture?I visited a chiropractor a few days ago and was reminded of proper sitting posture. The doctor told me that improper sitting posture can lead to headaches, lower and upper back pains.

“NO, you don’t have to take pain medication right away”, he mentioned. Most often than not a simple technique of putting a firm pillow behind your back when sitting for a long period of time is all that’s needed. Lumbar back support to correct proper posture is a very simple and effective way to fix the problem.

That said, are runners affected by improper posture or running technique as well?

I asked him and he said posture is everything. Our spine needs to function the way it was meant to be, otherwise lower and upper back pain is bound to happen…

Anyway, I found an article that talks about running and back pain and offers some simple steps to end the misery. Here’s a few words from the article;

“If you experience back pain whilst running or following a run, check out the common causes below.

  • Worn or inappropriate running shoes
  • Trying to hold yourself upright
  • Pushing forward to run
  • Too much bounce in your stride

If your running shoes are worn out or not suitable for you…READ MORE

Keep on running folks. Enjoy it and take care of your back in the process.

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