Runners Lesson From Rattlesnake

Runners Lesson from RattlesnakeFor some strange reason I know there is a runners lesson from rattlesnake.

Let’s see…rattlesnake is a unique specie only found in North America. No where in the world can you find these interesting creature.

They are part of (early) American culture and history? I heard they do have 13 rattles representing the early 13 colonies of what we now know as the United States of America.

Besides history, rattlesnake are known to be not aggressive snakes. They do mind their own business. Don’t mess up with them and they will leave you alone. They won’t chase you as long as you don’t bother them unlike other snakes.

If you do, they give you a warning first. Isn’t that something? They will rattle first and if you continue they become a different beast. They will protect and defend themselves and it is a do or die situation from that point forward.

That brings us to a runners lesson from rattlesnake. You see, it’s like they fully commit to doing what it takes to get the job (to defend) done. They know what to do (plan) and execute (finish) and give it all. No messing and guessing around.

Commitment is something that runners can learn from rattlesnake.

If you decide on a running goal of some sort, do your best to get it accomplished. It is natural that challenges begins to come up just as soon as you decide to do one.

You see it’s one of those natures law. Anything good is bound to be attacked and put down. Getting past and on top of  the challenges determines the degree of anyone’s success.

A fully committed person will find ways to win…

Just like the rattlesnake, they operate mostly on the defensive, but when challenged and switches to offense these creatures will deal it at any cost.

Commit. Do. Finish!

What do you think…have you a runners lesson from rattlesnake or any creature out there to share?

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