Runners Lesson From Geese

Gesse getting ready for flightI wonder if there is a runners lesson from geese?

We all know that nature have ways of teaching us lessons…

Take for example the V-formation flights from geese. These birds are known to travel far distances in this particular formation.

So why do they fly this way? There has been several studies by experts on this subject.

” a study done sometime back also shed some light on this particular V-formation. This study discovered that birds flying in V-format had lower heart rate than birds flying alone. Why? The aerodynamic V shape formation reduces the air drag (air resistance) that each bird experiences when in flight in comparison to a bird flying solo. These allows them to cover longer distances (thousands of miles) with much less effort. for example, geese can achieve a greater distance…”READ FULL ARTICLE

Runners Lesson from Geese – TEAMWORK

It takes teamwork to get a group in V-formation and specially for a long distance of flight. There must be some kind of communication that goes on before, during and after.

Before: Some one has to lead and all must agree. Who’s staying in front and how long plus, how is the rotation going to be.
During: There’s got to be some challenges along the way that requires changes. Flight conditions can change and the birds can feel fatigue at anytime requiring quick minute adjustments.
After: I’m going to make this up. A driver analytical bird will get feeds or history from the flight as to what may have gone right and gone wrong and make it better the next flight. Then, relays the message to others so that they will all benefit from it (OK, how did i do?)…

Alright,with teamwork in place efficiency is achieved. The V-formation makes them victorious in flight conquering the distance together.

Runners Lesson from Geese – For Real

To runners this is best explained in group running. Try following a group of runners doing speed work. Draft behind the pack and you will feel the pull. Speeds that you can’t do by yourself is achieved when there is a lead pack. It may not be a perfect V-formation but it does have the same effect. The run or speed work is so much more efficient…

When running in races, try drafting behind runners every time you have a chance. Be polite though and let them know you’ll be following behind (if its OK) and thank them as they separate from you.

Believe me, in long distance running this technique (drafting) can be the key on running your personal best. I have done it when I broke my personal best with just one (1) second. That’s right a mere one second…

Take the V-formation, teamwork and efficiency as runners lesson from geese. Go ahead and try it next time.


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