Runners Lesson From Astronaut

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Runners Lesson From Astronaut John Glenn

John Glenn in Mercury suit with helmet. Courtesy of Wikipedia

From space, there’s great runners lesson from astronaut.

I used to work in the space shuttle program. I remember getting excited to see astronauts visit us on the assembly floor and have little chats. These men and women are for real and just thinking they do fly these huge engines and do space exploration is so amazing to me.

How do they qualify to be astronauts? They have to be very special human beings.

Runners Lesson From Astronaut John Glenn

One popular astronaut is John Glenn. Remember he was also a former senator.

He became the fifth person in space, the third American in space and the first American to orbit the Earth. Aboard Friendship 7 on February 20, 1962, on the Mercury-Atlas 6 mission, circling the globe three times.

Perth, Western Australia became known worldwide as the “City of Light” when city residents lit their house lights and streetlights as Glenn passed overhead.

The city repeated the act when Glenn rode the Space Shuttle in 1998. During the mission there was concern over a ground indication that his heat shield had come loose, which could allow it to fail during re-entry through the atmosphere, which would result in his capsule burning up.

Runners Lesson From Astronaut – Deal With Adversity

Flight controllers had Glenn modify his re-entry procedure by keeping his retrorocket pack on over the shield in an attempt to keep it in place. He was able to steer his spacecraft safely back to earth, and afterwards it was determined that the indicator was faulty.

He fought adversity in a death and life situation in space. Must have been a very nerve-racking…

With all the greatest tools and technology available, all of these won’t work unless you have a human being and a great man of character to steer it.

Runners Lesson From Astronaut  – Determination

That brings us to a runners heart. The determination to finish your goal despite adversity means success or failure.

Yes anybody can gear up with the best shoes, supplements and the coaching that are available. In the end, it is you who will put forth the effort. You will be the one conquering the miles and dealing with the situations and challenges along the route to the finish line.

You don’t necessarily have to deal with life and death situation (just like John Glenn) to finish the race but it will take a special kind of determination to make it happen.

Remember you are a runner and you are special.

What runners lesson from astronaut have you to share?

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