Runners Can (Line) Dance?

I was reading a friend’s blog from DailyMile about dancing as part of cross-training for runners…NOT!

I have to give hotlegsrunner credit for what she and the group did. She was asked to choreograph a dance presentation of runners which will be shown at the welcome dinner of this year’s Hong Kong Marathon.

Impressed, I was and here’s the proof (click here). Runners can really dance!

Anyhow, after the LA Marathon my runs now are geared towards fitness. My spouse suggested that since my training was over, it’s her turn to up her fitness workout. And here thing was line dancing! Yes, you heard it right line dancing. I can’t refuse. I know I have two “left dancing” foot but I have to give it a shot.

5kgeek's Shot on the Wall at Cowboy Palace SaloonSo I have to look (online) for a place to go.

Here in the west side of Los Angeles I found Cowboy Palace Saloon.

The place has authentic decor and down home feeling are just a few of the reasons why the Entertainment Industry loves to capture “The Cowboy Palace Saloon” on film and in print! They have more movies, commercials, music videos and articles shot at the club than you could shake a longneck!

However, we’re going back because of their line dancing classes every night.

It’ll be a long shot for you to find me in a cowboy hat, but you’ll see me on the floor in jeans having fun doing a line dance.

Oh by the way, the very next day after the dance I felt sore. I have to admit, a different set of muscles are needed for a line dance :0)

OK, this isn’t your normal cross training but if my other half is having fun I don’t have any issues at all. In fact, I might have been infected already by a (cowboy) fever…heh-heh.

‘Got to admit, I’m getting the hang of it.

…I’m still a runner. However, the miles (for now) will continue with a little line dance steps on the side.

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