Runner Exposed Poppin’ The Hood


Here’s another Video Runflix at 5kgeek(dot)com’s Runners Fuel Station.

Prior to running my short 3miler to cap the week I checked out a street car show nearby. Tons of people showed up for these prized collections and the music plus the food made the event a sure hit!

I was amazed at how these old cars were kept in top shape. Clean, shinny and I bet you they still have the power despite those mileage accumulated over the years. The owners must have really taken good care of these machines inside and out.

Does it take effort and proper care? I’m sure it does. Expensive? Just imagine how much these cars cost now, and what about maintenance…

One thing for sure, they do a great job and the results are priceless.

That reminds me of running. To have longevity enjoying this sport, one must take care of him/herself consistently over a long period of time. Proper nutrition, supplementation, the right gear, enough rest, practice, and more are consciously integrated to be at optimum performance be it on practice runs or during race days.

On my bucket list you’ll find old classics -CARS. I wanted to own and build one of these baby from scratch…

For now, let me share with you a video from today’s event as I went out and checked what’s available when they do…Poppin’ The Hood on PhotoPeach

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