Run In With The Law

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Run In With The Law Going for Gold

Run In With The Law Going for Gold

I had a run in with the law on St. Patrick’s Day. This  is a good thing at least for a runner like me, specially for missing this years Los Angeles marathon.

No, I’m not in trouble. What I did was attend a kick-off party for a county official running for  Seat#3 in the County Superior Court in Los Angeles on this years Statewide elections in June.

Run In With The Law – Kicks Off

I like what this gentleman stand and is fighting for. I used to own a dry cleaning business and can relate to what he is all about. I could have benefited from his expertise then. Anyway, I was all sold out and that was my run in with the law.

I don’t get sold out that easily, but because he was recommended by a trusted associate from the commercial retail estate industry, the best I can do is show and check the event out. After hearing from him speak and meeting his lovely wife, I know where my vote is going.

Moving forward, I volunteered to help him by using my social media integration services. I will be following his campaign as much as my schedule will allow me to.

If that means tweaking my running regimen a little bit to do that, then it will be for a worthwhile cause. So, besides running the streets of Los Angeles, I will be doing run in with the law, even just for a couple of months.

Stepped Up Run In With The Law

I know runners are motivated lacing up and putting the miles with some kind of motivation, currently this is one of mine. I will be running with business owners in mind when they are faced with challenges fighting the big guys in the court of law.  Hopefully Craig Gold will make it to the superior court bench soon.

The election is a couple of months away so every step that I make will be some kind of run in with the law.

This would be an interesting run…

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