Realize The Value Of Running

Here’s another Video Runflix at 5kgeek(dot)com’s Runners Fuel Station.

Have you been asked, “why do you run?”

What is it in running that people enjoy and why they do it? Here’s what Jeremy has to say…

The real reason, though, that so many of us run is because the value  of life that it brings to us. The endorphins that are created from a great run can help us through so many of life’s great stresses. However, amazing as it is, many of us just run for “fun”. We run because we have found some sort of joy in the experience of running. We have found this great ancient touch with our primeval ancestry that had to run to survive. We run to live, we live to run! Read the full story…

Now, I have here a short video on running. Let me share it with you and share it to somebody you know who loves to run. Or to anybody, you never know they may like it and enjoy the health benefits it brings.

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