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reading on the run

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Are you reading on the run?

Many runners swear by audiobooks as motivation to exercise as well as a great way to multitask using both body and mind. Others say both reading enjoyment and pace suffer.

According to a recent survey by the Audio Publishers Association, an industry trade group, nearly one-quarter of all audiobook buyers reported listening while exercising. Sales of audiobooks jumped 13% last year, to $1.2 billion, said the study, released earlier this month. Downloads to mobile devices were up 30%, accounting for 54% of all sales.

Does reading on the run provide added benefit?

A lot of people multi-task, running and reading (actually listening to audio books) has consistently picked up through the years. With the advent of electronic devices that are light and packed with so much storage, it’s very rare to find runners without one.

“Such efficiency, though, can come at a price. While “reading” on the run can make exercise more entertaining, combining the two activities might hamper both physical performance and mental comprehension.

Some scientists are leaning into the idea that running and reading don’t necessarily mix well. “When you do two things at once there is always a cost,” says Daniel Willingham, a psychologist at the University of Virginia who researches the impact of multi-taking on the brain. Though the runner may not realize it consciously, his or her mind constantly switches back and forth between the two tasks—a ping-pong effect that might even be hazardous to a runner’s health”… Read the full article from Wall Street Journal…

Thinking of reading on the run? You may want to think twice before you gear up for the miles.





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