Parting Shots To A Running Buddy…Garmin’s In.

I hate goodbye’s. I don’t even know how to begin…What I do know is that we have a lot of miles together. This running buddy of mine was there always. We have a lot of early runs together. Freezing runs at 4 am when most people are deep asleep, she was there. Late evening runs after work, she’s there with no complaints whatsoever. Rain or shine, hot or cold whether I feel like running or not, my buddy is ready.

However, like most relationships there’s a point in time when we have to say goodbye. I have no regrets parting from my buddy, not at all. In fact I will cherish everything we’ve been through. I wont change a thing. Are you kidding me, I’ve achieved a personal best running the 25th Los Angeles Marathon last month, with her.

5kgeek's garmin forerunner 305

5kgeek's Garmin Forerunner 305

However, lately my buddy is feeling low. She’s changed a lot. She doesn’t function like she used to. I’m sure she’s got a few more miles on her but it’s time. Long story short it is Goodbye.  Not to worry she’ll find her rightful place and will be given  a very special treatment she deserves.

Now, a new relationship begins. I met Garmin. She came into my door a few days ago. Garmin’s got a lot of features I’ll surely love. There will be trying times as we cover the miles up ahead although I’m very optimistic about it. It’s going to be a new adventure together and hope things turn out for the best. Like my old pal, Garmin and I we’ll get better one mile at a time and hopefully a new personal best is up ahead…

There i did it! How about you? Do you have parting shots to an old pal?

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