Nonprofit groups turn to Twitter and other social media platforms to raise money

Non-Profit Profits from Twitter. Maybe You Should Give It A (140) Try!
Here’s one way of doing it…;

Nonprofit groups turn toTwitter and other social media latforms to raise money

August 18, 3:41 PMHouston Social Media ExaminerMelissa Tsang.

Can you convince a celebrity to donate to your charity using just 140 characters?

In April, Hugh Jackman challenged Twitter users to explain in 140 characters or less why he should donate $100,000 to their favorite charity. Though two charity organizations, Operation of Hope and Charity Water, ended up sharing Mr. Jackman’s donation, the use of Twitter as a social media tool to raise money demonstrates the impact that microblogging and social networking and media sites can have for the nonprofit sector.

Attracted by the increasing popularity of Twitter as a pioneer of social media and online marketing, not only have businesses sought how to best leverage social media, but also nonprofit organizations and READ FULL ARTICLE

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