Marathon Running Tip #68: Control the Controllable

I was talking to a coworker about “runners high” and his got no clue what I’m talking about.

I told him, “this is when runners get to a certain zone and they feel like in cruise control while running.  At this time, the  strides, the breathing  and the mind get into a rhythm and a person gets kind of ‘high’. You have got to experience it…”

Yep, he tells me, I’m full of c$@&*!

Seriously, this usually happens about the 45th minute or  between my 4th and 5 mile on a long run…however that’s just me. I know most runners experience it a lot sooner or later.

If you were to run a marathon you’ve got to get in to this zone during the training and definitely during a marathon run for great results.

How do you get there? I’d say control the controllable.

Here’s how:

1. Plan your work outs and stick to it. Be consistent and persistent.

2. Injuries are common, so please listen to your body and consult a medical professional. Know what you can and can NOT do and follow.

3. Keep focus on your running goals and be flexible when you have to. Easy on yourself specially on your ‘down’ days.

4. Take care of your body and feed it right. Don’t forget, rest is always part of the equation.

5. Invest on the right running gears. There’s plenty to choose from. Do it right.

6. While out and about running be safe always. Take notice of your route.

I know you can add more to the list, but these things you can control.

Happy running everyone and enjoy it while…on ‘HIGH


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