Is Beer Good For Runners?

Have you ever seen banners or signs along a race route that really caught your attention? I’ve seen some interesting signs through the years. Lately I saw one that says, ” beer at the finish line – you’re almost there”.

When I saw the sign at mile 23, I told myself I want a beer right now – not later!

I’d like to hear from an expert…Is Beer Good for Runners?

I’ve always believed everything in moderation is good. A beer after a run is something that I do once in a while. How about you?

I have study from and the title is, Non-Alcoholic Beer Reduces Inflammation and Incidence of Respiratory Track Illness

Here’s the bottom line;


Consumption of 1-1.5 L/day non-alcoholic beer for three weeks before and two weeks after marathon competition reduces post-race inflammation and URTI incidence.

Read the full report…

Hhmmnnn, maybe it’s time to get my (non-alcoholic) beer supply up already. How about yours? Beers – I mean Cheers!

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