How Do You Find The Right Running Shoes?

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By Emily Hill 

With many local races just around the corner, professionals at Running Wild in Fairhope have offered tips and tricks for finding the perfect shoe – and the perfect fit.

Shoe experts Alison Ellis and Lizzie Burch have both completed numerous marathons. Ellis ran the Boston Marathon in 2013, finishing nine minutes before the bombs went off. Both have qualified this year for the 2016 Boston Marathon.

Get fit for your shoes. Sounds obvious, right? Many people pick a shoe from the “running” section of a store, but those shoes might not fit your specific needs.

  1. Know your training level. Know how many miles a week you run and what races you’re training for. This will help get you into the right shoes.
  2. Injuries help. Revealing injuries or any pain you’re experiencing can help shoe-fitters guide you into a shoe that should relieve these issues. Shoes impact your whole body, so don’t be afraid to go down your list of past and present injuries.
  3. Get fit today, race your best tomorrow. Most shoes don’t have to be broken in. Walking around in the shoe for a day or so will help you get used to the new feel, but most people can begin training in new shoes immediately with little or no consequences. However, you should talk to the experts first about your circumstance.
  4. Your old shoes say a lot. When you get fit for shoes, bring the pair you’re currently running in. Looking at the tread of your shoes can help the experts determine what shoes are best for you.
  5. Blisters aren’t caused by your shoes. About 99.9 percent of the time, blisters are not caused by your shoes. Wearing socks that have cotton in them causes blisters. Wearing socks made with synthetic fabrics is best. Read Full Story…


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