Runners Handshake in Uniform

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Marines Conducting Dawn Patrol - Courtesy of WikipediaI do weekend runs at Balboa Park in Los Angeles. This time I did something I call “Handshake In Uniform”.

I always have great respect to the men and women in uniform in this country. They do what their superiors ask them to do no matter what. The do perform their call of duty…in good times and in not so good times.

So I finished my 6 mile run in beautiful sunny southern California weather. The park is full of walkers and runners alike. I can tell some are finishing up their training for the Los Angeles marathon which is only a few weeks away.

The weather has a cool breeze to compliment the early morning sun.

A Runners Handshake In Uniform

As I get to my car, pulling in was a gentlemen in a truck. You can tell from the logo in the back that this guy is from the marines. He got out wearing his marine – the few, the proud….t-shirt. I have got to do the “Handshake in Uniform”

I have to THANK this guy for what he represent as a nation. This guy is out there with others making sure the freedom that we enjoy in this country continues. Freedom is not free – if you know what I mean.

Before I finished my recovery drink, I just had a little chat with this marine.

Anyway, we exchanged pleasantries before he does his exercise run. Got to know him a little bit. He’s been in the military for 16 years now. Got a 17yr old son – he started when he was 16 years of age. Right now he’s on vacation and is waiting deployment in a few months back to either Iraq or Afghanistan. No plans of early retirement….

Handshake In Uniform – Just Do It

Why am I sharing you these…I wanted to ask that we as citizens give them respect and honor them for what they do to protect this country. We can at least express and say “THANK YOU” to them.

Yes, we can do a little handshake in uniform. A Thank you or even a salute…whenever we have a chance.

I did and…I can enjoy another Southern California run on a beautiful Saturday morning in this beautiful land of the free.

Do the “Handshake in Uniform” today.

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