Half Marathon Secret You’ve Never Heard Before

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Half Marathon Secrets

Half Marathon Secrets

I do have half marathon secret you’ve never heard before…or maybe you have.

You’ve probably wondering where I got this crazy idea. I’ll tell you, I got it from reading a book titled, The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind. You’ll probably say that’s even crazier but let me explain.

The great secret possesed by the great men of all ages was their ability to contact and release the powers of their sub-conscious mind. The good news is that you can do the same.

Once you learn how, you can bring into your life more power, more wealth and definitely more health. You can apply these powers for the definite specific purposes and goals you want to accomplish – like finishing a half marathon or full.

Half Marathon Secret You’ve Never Heard Before Exposed

Here it is, work with your sub-conscious mind. That’s right – you’re subconscious mind by;

  1. repetition – As you go to sleep at night repeat the word ” Half marathon success,” to yourself slowly and quitely for about five minutes prior to sleep and your subconscious mind will bring half marathon to pass in your experience. Repeat the same words 4-5  times during the day (while awake) as well.
  2. faith – I’m assuming you do have a training plan in place. If you don’t, get one online. There are many sources and plans to choose from. Have faith in yourself and just do the plan. Put it into action.
  3. expectancy – This is critical, if you expect to have half marathon success, you will have it. Doing #1 and #2  will make #3 even stronger. A good exercise would be to imagine or picture in your mind crossing the finish line with the finishing time you have set and you have faith-in from #2

Let me close by saying, I did this process (or at least very similar to it) before I even read the book. So, I trained for the initial running of the Los Angeles’ Marathon: Dodger Stadium To The (Santa Monica Pier) Sea.

My goal was to finish in 4:30:00. I got me a training plan and did it religiously. Missed a lot of training days but gave it my best. I believe I can because I’m getting stronger everyday as the training goes by. Always thinking of 4:30 and imagining the finish line.

Half Marathon Secret You’ve Never Heard Before Works

Race Day: Mile 22.
I was tired and soaking wet. Mind and body was clashing big time, almost hit the wall and quit. However, I have this 4:30 in mind and 4 miles is all that’s left. So I dug in and started thinking of my training days and expecting to finished on time.

Race Day: Less than half-mile away.
I can see the finish line but my goal of 4:30 time was slipping away. Then a miracle happened. A loud sound from the behind me sounding like Elvis Presley (the king of rock-n-roll) seems to be getting closer every second. I looked and there were 5 impersonators singing on a loud speaker.

Coincedence? Maybe.

Now, what does a tired marathon runner (and almost desperate) has to do? Well, join the fun and run until the finish. I felt like running uphill for the last 4-5 minutes, I don’t know where I got the energy but did it.

Race Day. Crossing the Finish Line
My runner’s watch reads 4:29:58 but that is not official. I got home and checked the result and the final time was 4:29:59 – I did it one second faster than my goal.

Coincidence? Maybe.

What I do know and believed was the power of the subconscious mind works. Now it’s your turn to try the half marathon secret you’ve never heard before.

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