Golf and Running Hurts


What does golf and running have in common?

I can name quite a few but for sure, golf and running hurts…if you’re doing things the wrong way or even if you are doing it right.

Once in a while, I would hit the golf range and do a medium bucket of balls and run a 5 miler afterwards.

So I was hitting balls and it was obvious I was not hitting my target big time. I haven’t been to the range for a while and so I was off. I started making the adjustments and slowly things are getting better but I’ve notice my right thumb got a blister. And it stings…

Golf and Running Hurts After A Long Time Off

This can happen while running as well. Take time off and when you go back again all kinds of things starts to give you a bit of a challenge.

The breathing, the sore legs and muscles, etc. starts to say hello and welcomes you back, as if they’re saying “hey, it’s been a long time…where have you been?

Yes, prolonged absence from not doing a running (or golf) routine gets you off balance. But as soon as you start hitting the ground (or the balls for that matter) things will surely get better. It’s just a matter of time as they say.

Also, you’ve heard the positive impact of consistency. The more you do something on a regular basis the better the results are – and it becomes fun again.

A little reminder here…be persistent when things go south when running or golfing, specially if you have a prolonged time off. You’ve got to shake the rust off first.

Golf and Running Hurts…Solved

For one thing, if it is something you love and enjoy doing, you’ll always find a way to overcome small (and big) challenges, even if it hurts. That’s just how human beings are.

So why not hit the golf balls and run a mile or two (or farther) next time.

Yes, golf and running hurts (at times) but there’s nothing that can not be solve with a little persistence and consistency. right?.

Have you any other things that golfing and running have in common? Let me know…


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