Get Dirty On The Run


Get Dirty On The Run

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Why is it that people wanted to get dirty on the run, I mean do mud runs?

The popularity of mud runs is obviously on the rise.  More people are doing it and there’s no slowing down in sight.

Search on line and you’ll find plenty of mud runs all over the country. From coast to coast there is no shortage of these fun and crazy  events where anyone can get dirty on the run.

Why Get Dirty On The Run?

Why is it that humans are attracted to dirt or let’s call it the earth, dust or mud… whatever you want to call it?

I remember when I was growing up when going to farm is a REAL trip. Wide open spaces, with plenty of dust, earth, farm animals and water ways or water coolers are welcome sights. Totally different from the concrete jungle and city lights.

Obstacles to get to these places are plenty but it is not a problem at all. Actually it is fun and for sure you really have more changes to get dirty on the run if you wanted to.

If there is water specially rain, it’s even better.  Amazingly time passes by so quickly, before you know it, it’s back to the city.

Mud run is like therapy, at least in my dirty opinion. You get grounded to earth and become one with the elements – even for a short 5k run. There is this feeling of freedom. And, when you join others go through obstacles to get to the finish line all mud-dirty, it’s becomes a totally different experience.

Get Dirty On The Run Basics?

Do you train to get dirty on the run? That’s a good question!

In my opinion, not really. Most of these mud-runs are really fun-runs but it doesn’t hurt to get some kind of exercise  routine to get physically ready for the challenges ahead. There maybe a lot or just a few obstacles along the route where basic physical conditioning is needed. You’ll never know until you get to one…

Of course just like anything else, you may want to consult your physician before doing any kind of physical exercise.

Plus, you may need a good detergent to clean-up all the muddied gears (from top to bottom) after the event. After all,  nothing will be clean whenever you get dirty on the run.

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