Finish A Race On Target

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Finish A Race On target

Finish A Race On target

Have you ever set out a goal to finish a race on target?

Experts agree that you can not hit a target you can not see. And so, many coaches do encourage athletes to set their goals, visualize and think it over and over and over again. They wanted you to see the end result way before they even set out to practice.  They wanted them  to see their goals – their target.

9 Seconds To Finish A Race On Target

When I sat out and planned my marathon training last year I was looking for a training guide. I wanted to set to finish a race on target. I had my finishing time set out clearly and my gears in place. The training did not go my way most of the time but overall it went well. The final result was a mere one (1) second better than what I have trained for. However, that was a personal best for me…

In 1974, there was a track held in Tennessee with some of the greatest athletes of the day.

Because of the caliber of the athletes, everyone was hoping that a new world record would be set in the 100-yard dash. One of the runners was Ivory Crockett.

Before the race, the television cameras filmed Ivory Crockett folding up a little piece of paper and sticking it in his shoe. A buzz went through the crowd. Everyone was discussing why he had stuck a piece of paper in his shoe.

Long story short. Crockett won and clocked 9.0 – a new world record. At the finish Ivory Crockett pulled the piece of paper he put in his shoe before the race and it simply read: “9.0” The Los Angeles Times described the event with the headline “Immortality in 9 Seconds Flat.“

Your Turn To Finish A Race On Target

I wonder how many times Ivory Crockett has written this goal on paper or thought about it in his mind. He did it one more time during that special day in ’74, and boy did he really finish a race on target!

I suggest you set your running goals and be specific. Visualize that you’re actually finishing on time or better. You see, the subconscious mind work miraculously and will find ways to get the job done. Just try it and be surprised!

Ivory Crockett is just one on the many atlethes who’s proven that this technique work.

Are you ready give it a try and finish a race on target?


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