Experts Take: Lost Electrolytes On The Run

Electrolytes by FLEE

Lately I’ve been doing more long runs over 10 miles as I continue to train for the next Los Angeles marathon next March ’10.

As the miles start to pile up, my hydration needs changes. I do have few mixes and a couple of favorite drinks I take on a regular basis from my online store. However, I always look for other products in order not to miss out on anything that may be new in the sports nutrition market, just in case.

I was reading an article about electrolytes and here’s an interesting take from one expert. He starts with the following;

Why do we see pro athletes guzzling down the Gatorade or whatever other liquids they have on the sidelines? Is all that needed or is it hype?

Interesting title – Home Made Sports Drinks – Replenish Lost Electrolytes (Potassium, Sodium, Etc) by Robert Britt. Read what Mr. Britt has to say… [READ FULL ARTICLE]

What do you drink before, during and after exercise or prolonged run?

You may want to share us your thoughts or any product reviews in here.

Keep hydrated everyone!

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