Elevator Health Warning


Elevator Health Warning

Elevator Health Warning

I was in an educational tour this past week and saw an elevator health warning of some sort. I did not see it on the way up but rather on the way down from using the stairs.

I took a picture of course and this will serve as a reminder whenever I see an elevator next time.

It will serve as motivation in my quest for optimal health. I don’t know yours but I hope this will get thinking on what or how you get to take care of yourself.

Elevator Health Warning or Motivation?

It reads, “take the STAIRS”. And there’s this sub-headline which is a very good health motivation…

“Achieve Your Goal By Moving Ahead One Step At A Time”, very clever indeed.

Experts agree that regular exercise does amazing results to a human body. It’s been mentioned that 30 minutes of exercise 3 to 5 times a week is good for the heart. It does not really matter which exercise routine you do. Whats important is that you have your body in motion and doing something positive and on a regular basis.

I love running and that’s what I do. A three mile run 3 times on weekdays plus going an extra mile or two (or get close to an hour run if I can) on weekends work for me.

When training for marathons, that is not an issue. I just go with my calendar and do what is on the schedule.

No Elevator Health Warning But My Wife Has Something On The Go

When not on any training, I see myself getting lax some days and needed some kind of reminders once in a while. This picture on the elevator is a perfect elevator warning or motivation for me.

So I get reminders from my wife. She likes to park farthest from the entrance of any mall or any place we go to. She gets to stretch a little and get the heart pumping even for a short time. Can’t complain – I needed it and she does too.

Achieving optimal health is tough but it is something that all of us have to. Our busy lifestyle and the food that we eat has a lot to do on most peoples declining health condition.

You may not see an elevator warning like I did, but consider using the stairs next time. Remember, do a little workout…it’s good for you.

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