Don’t Dig Your Grave With Your Fork And Knife


Don't Dig your Grave With Your Fork And KnifeDon’t dig your grave with your fork and knife!

That was the sign on the wall my attention was led to going out of a health facility a few weekends ago.  It didn’t made sense to me until dinner that evening…while I was holding my fork and knife.

Then, I got it. It was funny at first and then as the conversation got real serious to where healthy living became the subject. By the time we got to our desert the fork is barely moving.

On the news, you will find stories about how obese we have become as a country. Food is abundant here and experts agree that most of us eat a lot.

I have to agree that I do eat a lot myself. I love food, specially Thai food and anything with spice on it.

However, I’m a marathon runner. I can easily get my calorie intake under control with my regular runs.

But what about the others. I can only try and convince them (if given a chance) to give healthy living a try.

In these day and age there are plenty of opportunities to improve everyone’s health by design.

The advances in science has given us plenty of choices, products and services to achieve healthy goals. The growth of health gyms and the increasing number of health experts and personal coaches (believe it or not) has lead to a quite revolution in health and wellness  industry.

It’s not easy to just tell  someone, “Don’t dig your grave with your fork and knife”…

You see when I got got started in running, I was challenged to do a 3 miler before work. I gave it a try. I did and now I have 6 Los Angeles marathons under me.

Yes, I was digging my grave slowly then. I was overweight. My eating habits were out of whack.  Thanks to a few friends who got me going for the miles.

Today I still love my food but at the same time I continue to do 3-3milers during the week and at least an hour long runs on weekends.

Challenge your friend or a loved ones to get into some kind of exercise routine. Get them to be health positive.You never know…

You can tell them, “Don’t dig your grave with your fork and knife” or you may do it any other way. Come on you can do it!


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