Does Caffeine From Energy Drinks Energize Your (Running) Workouts?

Energy drink consumption has continued to gain in popularity since the Red Bull run of  ’97. According to the Nutrition Journal, more than 500 new energy drinks were launched worldwide in 2006 alone. It has become a 5.7 billion dollar energy drink industry.

Somehow, its popularity made its way into sports. Believe it or not even the distinction between energy drinks and sports drinks got blurred lately. Others think that the caffeine and/or sugar boost they get from these drinks will help boost their sports activities as well. Be warned though, here’s what one expert has to say;

For someone training for a marathon or other serious athletic event, says Gant, who advises many New Zealand Olympians, reducing caffeine from all sources—tea, soda, and foods like chocolate and energy bars in addition to coffee—can dramatically improve sleep quality, decrease blood levels of cortisol (a stress marker), and increase your body’s caffeine sensitivity to give you an extra energy boost when you do imbibe just before the event. “Only use it on those few occasions that you’re really going to need that pick-me-up,” says Gant. Read FULL Article

You see, the formulation on energy and sports drinks are different in so many ways. A little research, won’t hurt,  if you have concerns about these drinks being used for any sports activity. I’m sure a few shots won’t hurt (or does it) but what do I know, I’m not an expert.

One thing I know is that if an energy drink contains a lot of  B vitamins I can use it to boost my running workouts.  Plenty of sugar and caffeine before, during and after workouts does not work…believe me I’ve tried. But that’s just me. In fact ice cold water works best – if I don’t have my G. How about you?

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