Dirthouse Bunny On A Run?

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What running adventures do you have lately? Something interesting that happened on the way, during or after the run that made your daily miles a little bit more interesting than most days. Any thought that popped-out, a sight that made you smile, something that made the run special?

I know at certain point while running, those endorphins start kicking-in and a lot of good things happen, almost magical at times.

This morning what I have was more of a surprise sightings of bunny rabbits along the dirt road. I usually run without my cellphone. Today, I decided to bring my cp with me since this is my first try on this particular trail or dirt road.

Plus, it’s too early in the morning and there’s only 3 vehicles in the parking lot when I arrived at the park.

‘Gotta Think Safety…and pictures?

Well, thirty minutes into the run I had bunny rabbit encounters. They’re all over the sideways. It was a beautiful sight and for sure it made my run special.

‘Got the pix on a video for everybody to see. Watch it and share it with friends.

Can You Handle A Bunny On A Dirt Run? on PhotoPeach

What do you think? Do you have anything to share? It doesn’t have to be bunny rabbits…

One time the sight of a warning sign that says, “Beware of Mountain Lions” was enough for me to alter my run. I had to be very careful and always keeping an eye on the surrounding area and my strides were faster. It turned out to be a good speed workout!

However, I’d prefer to see my little friend bunny rabbits on a run anytime!

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