How Cold Is Too Cold For A Jog

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iceman“How cold is too cold for a jog?” is the opening line from this article I wanted to share with you.

Personally, I don’t know the answer since I live in southern California. The coldest temp I was out running was 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It was cold but after 10 minutes into the run everything was fine. I wonder how cold can I handle….

For sure not this cold like the ice runner from Siberia loves…

For most people, below-freezing temperatures generally put a stop to outdoor exercise, but Siberian native Boris Fyodorov is not most people.

Minutes after the calendar ticked over to 2014 this past New Year’s Eve, Fyodorov set off on a solo, out-and-back marathon run from his home in the Siberian village of Oymyakon, completing the 26.2-mile course ― his first marathon ― in just over five hours. During the run he experienced temperatures as low as -36 F (-38 C)Read the full article here

Let me know how cold is too cold for you.



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