Cheeseburger, Fries and Soda after Miles.


5kgeek running route I was driving home from a sandwich place and while waiting for the light to turn left I noticed a sign that says, “CHEESE BURGER, FIRES & 16oZ COKE $6.95”

That was funny. I know they mean to say FRIES instead of FIRES…

Anyhow, this sandwich place is actually on my running route about a mile from my house and never saw the banner ad before.

Do you ever have any thing unusual or interesting you noticed while on your daily run?

I can only speak for myself but sometimes when I’m on a zone I don’t notice a lot of things around me while running – except about my safety. Most often than not, I am running facing the traffic on the street not the sidewalk and on the asphalt instead of the concrete pavement specially when doing my long runs.

Now, cheese burgers and soda is rare on my diet. Instead I do sandwiches and protein shakes with sports twist tube after a run and absolutely no fires fries. What about you?



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