Can You (Still) Smile After 26.2 Miles

I can see the finish line from a straight -away.

One problem, I’m officially tired (like our pacer has told us at mile 18) and about ready to give up mentally as well.

Here comes the rescue… Elvis Presley with a boom box blasting like you’ve never heard before.

That brought life to my tired body and I have forgotten for just a few minutes, that it’s only a few hundred strides more and the 26.2 marker will be mine.

I finished the race a mere second ahead of my goal unto a personal best.

I was absolutely tired but happy. I felt like on top of the world. Why not, I have trained for 18 weeks with one goal in mind – finish the race with a personal record!

Yes, I did it and I was all SMILE.

… BTW Can You (Still) Smile After 26.2 Miles?

I wish I had this SMILE machine from Unilever at the finish line to see. Capture and post it on social media?

Hmmm, I may have gotten and ice cream to top it all. Watch the video.

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