Can You Demolish The Wall?

If you’re a marathon runner you have heard The Wall.

No we’re not talking the Great Wall of China but the Wall when most marathon runners  feel or think like they can’t continue anymore. This is when the body and mind collide and giving up seems the only option.

A Marathon Runners Nightmare

Every runner have a story to tell how they’ve hit the wall during a marathon.
My question is, Can you (or anybody) demolish The Wall?

Lets see what and expert has to say about it. Here’s an article from Running Bug

Psychologist, trainer and coach, Ken Way works with top athletes using the mental training techniques he has developed to help them achieve their goals. But, he tells us, it’s not only the elite who can apply these methods to perform at their best.

Forget the Great Wall of China and Hadrian’s Wall, the world’s biggest barrier is the wall thousands of athletes run into every year when competing in marathons. It’s not only the elite who encounter The Wall, almost everyone who takes on a training programme that challenges them will know the feeling of reaching that point when you feel you like you can’t continue. [READ the Full Article]

Going back to individual story on the wall, mine is something like…”what happen here, I thought I saw mile twenty-one (21) already, this is not good, I knew I’m in big big trouble, but I have five more to go or maybe more.”

My buddy who finished the race like one (1) hour ago is back on the course. He’s trying to motivate, encourage and doing everything he can to keep me back on track – to life. It was not the best of situation but the best at the same time.

I finished the race in under 5 hours that day. The finish line looks like a war zone. People were sprawled all over this big parking lot or street and looking like a mess. This is one of the hottest temperature running the Los Angeles Marathon. Yep, I have hit the wall but this I remembered!

How’s your wall encounter?

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