Can Runners Cook Happines

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Can runners cook happiness? That was the question that came to mind as soon as a bottle

Can Runners Cook Happiness

Can Runners Cook Happiness

of Chardonnay caught my eye at local grocery store the other day. The label read…

“Project Happiness Chardonnay…Finally somebody put it in a bottle. Happiness. Sure took a while though. Seeking happiness? What makes happiness? and so on…”

Let’s see if I can get happiness out from a smiley bottle.

Price check: Okay, the price is right – we’re good to go.

I just ran a hard course for almost 2 hours on a tough hilly route. I needed some recovery food fast…and one of my favorite is pasta with clams with marinara sauce in white wine.  That sure can answer  YES to the question , “Can runners cook happiness?”

So it’s time to rock the kitchen and get some happiness into this runners hunger pocket. For sure my spouse will be watching. She knows what her kitchen will look like in a few minutes. There’s no worries though, angel hair pasta with marinara sauce is one of her favorites.

What makes you happy?

Me, I’m happy if I can pull even a short run on a busy schedule. I’m happy at the table with good food shared with the family.

Thanks to a bottle of wine with a smiley and a simple message “Project Happiness”

I don’t know if you can cook but, when someone asks a question, “Can runners cook happiness?” You can say… we can (with the help of smiley)!

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